Beasain, April 2016

Erasmus+:They are here!

Until now, we have been travelling to different countries with our ECO-EU program but now it is our turn to receive our friends.

This morning arrived the first ones: Italians and Turkish and in the late afternoon, it will be the moment for Slovenians and Polish.

We saw very nice images at Beasain train station when students met each other. We hope they will enjoy their time with us and we will make our best to complete our program.


Erasmus+: First activities

The first activities of our visit started today. To begin with, all the participants met in the institute to comment the first impressions after the arrival and we had a presentation of our headmaster. After that, students worked for a while to prepare some posters that will be on exhibit in an exhibition that will open tomorrow.

At midday, all participants had lunch together in Loinazpe’s canteen and from there they went to Idiazabal where they visited the Cheese Interpretation Centre and at the beginning of the visit they received the welcome of the major of this town.


Erasmus+: Visits and official welcome

This morning the participants in our Project started the day with a nice walk to Ordizia. There they visited D’Elikatuz; it was really interesting. Later the had some minutes to walk in Ordizia before going back to Beasain to have lunch in Loinazpe.

In the afternoon session they visited the monumental group of Igartza: palace, iron forge and mill. In addition to this, a little exhibition of posters elaborated by our students is on exhibit in Igartza palace.

To finish the day, the major of Beasain gave his official welcome.


Our project appeared in the press in Noticias de Guipuzcoa: You can see the article here.

Erasmus+: visitas por los alrededores

Today’s visits did not suppose to move far for the participants in our project, but they could see very different things, all of them related to food. To begin the morning, they walked to Ordizia to see the traditional market. There they could see, taste and buy different products.

After lunch in Loinazpe, they went to Ezkio to visit Igartubeiti farm house. As the group was bigh it was divided into two groups and while one of them was doing the visit the other realized a biscuits workshop and then, the other way round. The visit was very interesting.

To finish the day, teachers went to walk in the mountains, to Lazkaomendi, because they like our mountains.

News in Diario Vasco: clic here.


Erasmus+: in San Sebastian

Our project goes ahead. Yesterday we delivered the certificates after signing the contract compromising with the environment and we planted the trees that are going to bear witness of our project.

Today we were in San Sebastian. We started with the visit of the Basque Culinary Centre and from there we went to the city centre. There we approached to La Concha beach and from there we went to the old part and we saw the city from Urgulll. After that we visited the main buildings of this neighbourhood and we went to it to conclude the day with an afternoon of shopping.


Erasmus+: the end arrived

After an intensive week the participants in the programme took part in the last activities. Today’s were centred around Bilbao where the participants had a general view of the city from Artxanda to go to the old part. In the afternoon, they visited Guggenheim museum.

During the day some groups started their return to their respective countries and those still staying among us are going to leave during the following days. We were delighted having them with us and we hope they enjoyed our company too.


Palermo, March 2016

Erasmus+ in Palermo

Our last Erasmus+ visit is in the air. Today, about seven in the afteernoon the group of our institute arrived to Palermo, full of illusions and a bit nervous because they were going to know personally their colleagues.

At arriving to the airport, they found there students and their families waiting for them. It looks that they started communicating soon and we hope that they will enjoy the experience.

Tomorrow we will have the first activities.


Erasmus+: First activities in Palermo

Today started the activities for the group of students and teachers in Palermo.

In the morning they met in the city centre to visit the Town Hall. From there they went to the school where there was a reception with the director of the school.

After lunch they continued with a bit of work, his time to present their work on environmental problems. After that each one left to spend the rest of the day with their families..


Erasmus+ Ecological visits

Today our representatives in Palermo have realised some interesting visits. In the morning they visited an ecological farm where they could see how are made some products from oil.

The whole group had lunch together and then they visited a cellar.

Although weather was not good, the visits were interesting.


Erasmus+: Ekintzak institutuan

Gaur gure ikasleak institutuan egon dira hainbat ekintza egiteko. Txarla bat izan dute olio naturalaren arabera eta azkenik frogatzeko aukera izan dute ikastetxean antolatutako bazkaian non produktu honek protagonismo handia zuen.

Arratsaldean ikasle  italiarrek egindako experimentuak ikusi ahal izan dute.


Eerasmus+ Last hours in Palermo


Our representatives are enjoying their last hours in Palermo. Today they were walking around the city, to visit its market, the Cathedral and the Palatine Chapel. After that they had free time.


In order to finish with the activities, they will meet the families at school to have dinner all together and tomorrow early in the morning they will begin their way home.


Warsaw (Poland) October 2015

Erasmus+ Polonian


Our group taking part in the Erasmus+ programme are in Warsaw. They left in the morning and they arrived at first hour in the afternoon. At the airport were Polish students and teachers waiting for them.

 The trip has been comfortable and they have found a wonderful weather.

 Programme activities will begin tomorrow morning.

Erasmus+ First activities

Today we started officially with our visit. Teachers joined the representatives of other schools and we received the headmistress’s welcome.


Then we met our students who commented what had they done during these hours and it looks that the experience was positive.


From the institute we were to have a walk in Warsaw, visiting the Culture Palace, the Old Part, some monuments of the Warsaw Revolt and a panoramic of the city.. To finish the programme some of us visited Marie Curie’s house.


After that, students were free to go with their Polish friends.


Eramus+ Walking around Warsawian parks

Today we continued with our plan of visits in Warsaw and we could visit some of the biggest parks of the city. Although pollution is one of the biggest concerns of the city, they count on wide green spaces. We spent the whole day visiting two of these parks. In one of them we saw a palace  and several buildings of different styles, whereas in the other we could walk in a more traditional space. In both we had the chance of hearing Chopim`s music and we also could feed squirrels.

 It was a nice and entertaining day. Tomorrow we will spend the day in the institute doing other activities related to our project.


Erasmus+ Poland: Working in the institute

Today our students had to work a bit. To begin with, our students, at once with the representatives of other countries, took measures of pollution levels to see the impact of this problem in Warsaw.

 By the way, teachers held a meeting to define the steps of the project to be taken until the end of this.

 Finally, we had the planting trees ceremony: there are five new trees in the institute’s garden to remember this Erasmus+ project.


Erasmus+ Poland: Last activities

Today was the last day of activities of our project. We started with an institutional visit to the major of the Mokotów district to whom we presented our project and who showed us his concern about environmental problems.

Later we went to the institute to continue with a bit of work: the design of some posters in which students worked together and teachers had to choice the best of them. The decision was difficult so we decided that any of them will be used by the participants when reporting the activities of the project.

After this we had the ceremony of delivering the certificates and, finally, we had lunch all together. Later each student went with their friends and tomorrow, early in the morning, wee will begin our way home.


Slovenska Konjice (Slovenia) April 2015

Erasmus+ Second visit: Eslovenia

Our team taking part in Erasmus+ has already started their second visit. They are in their way to Slovensjka Konjice in Slovenia, where they will meet with the rest of the participants in this activity.

Erasmus+ Slovenska Konjice: first activities

Today we have started with the activity programme. Our students had attended to lessons, each of them in their own group. Then we had the official presentation of the visit, with music, dance and a bit of drama as well. It was very nice.

 We had the opportunity of knowing the participants on the other project this school is involved in.


After that, while our students continued with their lessons, group coordinators met the major of the city. Later, all teacher had a meeting.

 In the afternoon we visited a cartujian monastery and we had a guided tour in Slovenska Konjice. A day full of activity but very interesting.


Erasmus+Slovenska Konjice: Cultural visits

Today,  continuing with the programme in Slovenia, it was the time for visiting Ljubljana, the capital city. After a great walk, they have visited the castle. In the afternoon they had free time to go shopping to the biggest shopping mall in the city.



Erasmus+ Slovenska Konjice: Mountain and more

Today started with a trip to the mountains, to a sky resort where they could do slide, a very amusing activity. As weather was good, they could enjoy the environment and then they went back to the school.


After lunch in the school canteen they attended to a couple of presentations and then they have finished by planting a tree and they have taken the traditional photos. Here is our group with their tree and the family photo.


Erasmus+ Slovenska Konjice: Last activities

Time flyes and the week in Slovenia is getting to its end nearly without noticing. Today there were visits related with the environment: the visit of the Vojnic municipality and the visit of a waste treatment plant.

In the afternoon certificates were delivered and goodbyes started. Students were happy and so were the their teachers, even when all of them are going to miss their colleagues.

Bye Slovenia, see you soon.


Elazig (Turkey) February 2015

Erasmus+ has already started



 Our first visit has estarted. Now it is the turn for Turkey, Elazig. There we will meet our Turkish, Polish and Slovenian friends. Italians are not joining us finally. We will have a four day programme full of activities and wee hope to spend a wonderful time with our friends.



Erasmus+ First activities

Finally, after a long trip, our expedition arrived to their destiny in Elazig. Without enough time for a rest, we went to the institute where we were offered the official reception of the headmaster and the rest of the teaching board. Our students finally met their colleagues and, at midday, each of the groups chose a tree that had been planted especially for the occasion.

In the afternoon our students went with their families while teachers continued with institutional work: a reception in the Education Department and, a bit later, in the town hall. It looks that everything has started fine; since tomorrow we will have some trips and a bit of work as well.

Erasmus+ Día de visitas

Today our group visited Elazig surroundings. In the morning, after meeting at the institute, they tood the way to Sivricera where they did a tour in ferry. After that they went to Hazar baba'ya hareket where they visited the sky station and they enjoyed with the snow.

Our visit had its echo in the local press, as it can be seen in the following link


Erasmus +: and a bit of work



 We started the day in the institute. Our first activity was the presentation of participant schools and our students presented our institute and the work done in this in favour of the environment. They had few time because other groups expanded too much but they finished in an elegant way dancing an aurresku.

At midday we saw and participate in some folk dances and after having lunch all together we visited the interesting village of Harput. After that we returned to Elazig.



Last activities and...bye Turkey!

Our last day in Turkey arrived. After some activities at school, students and teachers visited a damn and they had lunch together before retourning to Elazig. In the afternoon all the participants in the experied enjoyed their farewell party after which they received their certifies. It was a moment of emotions, mainly because we were going to leave our friends. We hope to see them in their visit to the Basque Country at the end of the following school year and even if the distance is big, they will always have a place in our hearts.