Exchange 2018-19: Our students in the Netherlands

Exchange students in the Netherlands

Our last exchange is already in march. Our expedition left Beasain yesterday afternoon and they arrived today at midday. The families were waiting for them and they spent the rest of the day with them.

Tomorrow they will go to the institute where the Cultural Week will begin.


Beginning of the cultural week

Our students in the Netherlands today assisted to the opening of the cultural week of Haren's Lyceum.

They had some time to exchange impressions and to check that everything was fine. After that, the official openning took place and activities started.

Our students started playing sportand then, they attended to a couple of lessons. 



Today our Exchange was in Amsterdam Ebere our students had the opportunity of knowing the city.

Aste kulturaleko tailerrak

Today, as part of the exchange programme, our students with their Dutch mates, have given their workshops to younger students. The experience has been very nice.


Last activities

Today the last activities of the exchange took place. In the morning students did some sport and visited a museum. At night, they went to a disco where they joined the participants of all the exchanges.

Holanda 2019

This year's exchange has already finished. Our students went to the institute where they had breakfast and then, they started their way back. In the image, the last photo they took all together.

Exchange 2018-19: Dutch students in Beasain

Holandako elkartrukea hasi da

Urtero bezala, Holandako elkartrukea martxan dago. Igandean iritsi ziren gure bisitariak eta gure artean egongo dira ostiralera arte. Espero dugu guztiontzat esperientzia polita izatea.

First activities of the exchange

Today the first activities of the exchange started. Students came to the institute and the Dutch received our headmistress welcome. Later they could comment their first impresions: they are delighted!

Later, they could practice Basque sport with some students of our institute and, at finishing it, they went to Segura to know this village.

At midday they came back to school to join their friends and spend the rest of the day with them.


Exchange in San Sebastian

Our Dutch visitors went to San Sebastian today, continuing with their visit program. At first hour they walked in the city to have a first contact with this. Later on, they went to Pasaia to visit the Albaola Museum. After that, they went back to San Sebastian again where they could enjoy a bit of free time. Finally, they visited the Comb of the Winds before taking their way back to Beasain. It was a beautiful day and they enjoyed the experience.

Exchange in Bilbao

The exchange students visited Bilbao; there they went to the Ribera market to continue taking the zip-train to Artxanda to enjoy the view of the city; later, after a bit of free time, they went to visit the Guggenheim museum.  



Exchange in Zumaia

The students of the exchange went to Zumaia. They did a walk of a couple of hours from Getaria to Zumaia. There, they had the opportunity of seeing the flysch.  

End of the exchange

During the last day of the exchange all students met in order to do a bit of work. In Loinazpe they worked in mixed groups, thinking of different aspects of Basque culture to choose a subject to prepare their workshops.

After that, all of them had brunch together and then, out Dutch visitor took their way home. See you in April in the Netherlands.


Our students in the Netherlands, 2018

Holandako elkartrukea


Holandako elkartrukea martxan dago. Larunbatean abiatu ziren Beasainetik eta gaur eguerdian iritsi dira Groningenera. Bertan zeuden euren lagunak haien zain.


Eguna familiekin emango dute eta bihar lehenengo ekintza ofizialak hasiko dira.

Exchange with the Netherlands


The official opening of the Exchange was today. All students met at the Zernike Lyceum and, to begin with, they met with their teachers in order to see if there was any problem and, after the official opening, they practiced some sports. Once the morning session was over, they came back to the institute for lunch and, in the afternoon, they had some informal lessons to know something about Dutch culture; in all these activities our students joined students of different nationalities.

Exchange with the Netherlands


Today’s program included several visits. To begin with, our students crossed the great dike and, the, they stopped in a typical town. The following step was Amsterdam. In this city they visited the Rijkmuseum and, after that, all together walked to the meeting point. Later, students had free time to discover the city and do some shopping. Once they finished here they returned to Groningen.


Exchange with the Netherlands

Today we attended to the celebration of the cultural week of the Haren Lyceum. Dutch students, with the help of our students, had to teach to students younger than themj. There were workshops of great variety: cooking, pintxo, euskal dantzak, sport, and even….Olentzero.


Exchange with the Netherlands




Today we had the last activities of the exchange: the group was divided in two and while some of them went ice-skating the others visited the Grid Museum. At mid day they changed so all of them could take part in all the activities.


At night they went to a disco and this was the last official activity of the exchange. Tomorrow they will have breakfast together in the institute and them they will take the way home.



Exchange 2017-18: Dutch students in Beasain

Exchange Netherlands

Today started our traditional exchange with the Netherlands. Dutch students are already with us since today at midday and during the week they will do a series of visits.

We hope all participants will enjoy a nice experience.


Exchange Netherlands

Dutch students came to the institute. To begin with, they had a moment to comment their first impressions with their teachers and then, they play different sports, but mainly Basque rural sports in order to know them.

At mid-morning they went to Segura to know this village and to practice playing pelota in the fronton.


Exchange Netherlands

Dutch students realised different activities along the day. To begin with, they attended to a lesson in the institute and then, they left to go to Cestona where they could visit the cave of Ekain Berri. Later they did a walk nearby the sea to finish the day. After all this, once they were back, they joined their friends.


Exchange Netherlands

Dutch students spent the whole day in Bilbao. In the morning, they visited the Ribera market, they went to Artxanda and they walked in the Old Part.

At midday they visited the Guggenheim museum, right in the day in which the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the museum was celebrated. After that, they had a bit of free time to walk in the city before starting their way back to Beasain.


Exchange Netherlands

Today our students shared the day with their Dutch colleagues. They started the morning going to the area of San Sebastian, where they first visited the factory Albaola. As they had to divide in groups, some of them took advantage of the time to walk nearby the river.

At midday, they went to San Sebastian where they could know the city and then, they had some free time before taking their way back to Beasain.  Students were going to share the afternoon all together.


Exchange Netherlands

Our exchange has reached to its end for the moment. In the morning, all the students taking part in the exchange joined in Loinazpe to work in the projects they will present during the International Week of the Haren Lyceum when we visit them in the Netherlands in March.

Once they finished their work, they had brunch together right before our colleagues took their way home.

See you in Groningen in March!



Our students in the Netherlands, 2017

Elkartrukea Holanda


On Saturday afternoon the exchange expedition started their trip of this year. After a quite comfortable trip our group arrived punctually to Groningen where their friends were waiting for them. While they were arriving questions about how long did they have to wait to see their colleagues became quite common. Once there each of them left with their families and tomorrow they will meet at the Zerninke institute to participate in the official opening of their International Week.

Elkartrukea Holanda


Today the International Week of the Zernike Institute started officially. In the morning students arrived to the school with their friends. It was the time to exchange the first impressions that apparently were positive. The experience is going well and they are happy.

 With the welcome of the director the exchange started officially. After this students attended to a couple of lessons in which they could learn about the Netherlands. Once they finished at school they went to the town where they were doing bowling and then an assignment taking group photos in Groningen. This was the last activity of the day.

Elkartrukea Holanda


The whole day was devoted to visits. In the morning they left to go to Amsterdam and, in the way, they stopped in a farm where tulips are produced. Then, they continued to Amsterdam where they visited the Rijkmuseum. After finishing here they had free time to continue visiting the city or go shopping. To finish with, they took the bus to return to Groningen.

Elkartrukea Holanda


Today students had to work a bit: at once with their Dutch colleagues they had to teach to younger students. Courses of every kind were seen, some of them really amusing.

 Some of the students finished their work early so they had time to enjoy with their friends or to do different activities.

Elkartrukea Holanda


Students taking part in the exchange today had a last day devoted to activities. In the morning they went to the town of Elburg in order to know this beautiful and cosy place. Once there they were divided in groups to do different activities: know the church, visit a Chagall´s exhibition and paint, visit a fish warehouse and the place where the fish auctions were made, they could also see how rope was made and a quiz in town.

At night, to finish with the activities, they met in a disco with the rest of students taking part on the exchange. Tomorrow will be the last day with a brunch before starting their way home.

Dutch students in Beasain 2016

Beginning of the exchange with the Netherlands

As each year, the time for our exchange is here. Dutch students are alredy with us.

There was great excitement while people were waiting for them and, later we could see them walking in our streets with their friends.

We hope they will have a nice stay with us.


Dutch students in the institute

The activities of the exchange have already started. Dutch students and their teachers came to the institute where they were welcomed by our headmaster. Later they spent some time playing and dancing with our students to finish the day in Segura.


Dutch students in Bilbao

Our visitors spent their day in Bilbao, where they visited the Ribera Market and the Guggenheim Museum. Later they went to Artxanda from where they could have a panoramic view of the city.


Everybody to the mountains

Today all the participants in the exchange program took advantage of the free day to go together to the mountains,.

The walk in Olaberria was very naiz, despite the rain that appeared in the end

El paseo por Olaberria ha sido muy agradable a pesar de que la lluvia ha terminado haciendo acto de presencia.


Day around San Sebastian

Today the participants of the exchange had enjoyed the day together. They went to the area of San Sebastian to visit, first the mines of Arditurri; then they went to San Sebatian where they did a task before having some free time. To put an end to the day they visited the Comb of the Winds.


Aktibitateak eta agurra

Today we had the last day of the exchange.

In the morning all the students went to Loinazpe where they started preparing the workshops they will offer i the Netherlands. Then, they had breakfast together.

Dutch students are going back to their country and our students said goodbye to them: See you in April in the Netherlands.


Our students in the Netherlands

Exchange: They arrived.

Our students and teachers taking part in the exchange arrived today at midday to Groningen. After a long trip that started on Saturday afternoon, today at midday they reached to their destiny. The trip was good and our students soon found their friends to spend the day with them.

 Tomorrow will begin the different activities in the institute.


Elkartrukea: Beginning of the International Week

During the first day of the exchange students and teachers met in the institute to comment the experience and try to solve little problems. Hopefully there was nothing serious to talk about and all went properly.

 The International Week was opened officially with the planting of the flags of all the countries of the schools taking part in the experience and then students attended to some lessons to know about Dutch culture. After that, they had time to prepare the workshops they have to give.


Exchange: Amsterdam

The participants in the exchange had a long day because they visited Amsterdam. In their way they stopped at Zansee Schans where they could see some wonderful traditional mills and visit a nice turisty town. From there they went to the Rijkmuseum and in the afternoon they had some free time to walk around the city and go shopping.

 The trip was long but we think that they enjoyed it.


Exchange: Working day

Today was the most important day of the International week. Our students, at once with their Dutch colleagues, had to give a practical workshop. We have seen a bit of everything: dances, cuisine, sport, and others. Each group gave its workshop twice to younger students.

It was a nice day.


Exchange: last activities

Today our group enjoyed the last activities of this year’s exchange. In the morning they went to Workum, in the province of Frysland. Here they had to do a quiz and then, after a walk of six kilometres they arrived at other little town where they could practise a Frysian sport: jump chanels using an stick.  A great majority of our students took part enthuastically and they enjoyed.

At night they went to the disco as a farewell party and tomorrow all the groups will begin their way back.



Programa intercambio 2016

Programa intercambio  

Dutch in Beasain, 2015

Beginning of the Exchange

As every year, the time for our Exchange with Zernike Institute of Groningen has already arrived and Dutch students and teachers are among us.

 This year the group is a bit smaller but we expect that the experience will be as positive as every year.

 People were nervous while waiting for their colleagues but they found each other quickly and then we could see them together everywhere.


Elkartrukea: Hike to Lazkaomendi

Thanks to the warm weather on Monday we could do a nice walk in the mountains. Senpere, Oiangu, Lazkaomendi-Itxurrene and to finish with a walk from Lazkao to Senpere. Our Dutch friends enjoy our slopes and mountains because there are very different from their flat landscapes. In addition to this, weather was good and by the time rain started we were already at home.




Exchange: more activities

Our visitors have taken part in different activities during these days. On Tuesday they went to Bilbao. There, they started in Artxanda to go down to the village where they visited the Ribera marked and from there they went to the Guggenheim museum.

On Wednesday they went to the institute. There, after the official reception, they took part in some workshops on plays and dances. Later they went to Segura to know this wonderful village.


Exchange: Walking in San Sebastian

People taking part in the Exchange visited San Sebastian today. Today was the day in which our students were allowed to join their friends.

Weather was gorgeous what made possible to go to the top of Urgull from where they could see the wonderful image of San Sebastian. Then, they had to complete a photo assignment in the Old Part before having free time.

After lunch an small group visited the Aquarium.


End of the exchange


Time flies and the week passed very fast and nearly before we realised, it was time for our Dutch friends to go back home.

In the morning they had a working session: all students taking part in the exchange, both ours and Dutch, have been preparing the themes for the courses they have to present in the Netherlands in April.

After that they shared a brunch and quickly they started moving.

See you in Groningen in April!

Groningen 2015

Exchange: Groningen

Our exchange is on the go again and this time it was the turn of visiting Groningen.

After long hours in the bus our group arrived to the Netherlands and there were their Dutch friends waiting for them. Each of them left with their respective family in order to spend the day with them. Tomorrow will begin the activity program in Zernike institute.


Exchange: oficial opening

Today it was the official opening of the cultural week of Zernike institute. All people taking part in the exchange programme met there: Polish, Italian, French, Eslovaquian, German, Hunagarian and people from Barcelona and Logroño at once with our students.

After meeting with their teachers to comment their situation, the headmaster gave the official welcomen and the flags were put. After this, students had time to work in their projects before finishing with an audiovisual. Later they had time to enjoy with their friends King's Day.


Exchange: Amsterdam

Continuing with the exchange programme, today it was the turn of visiting Amsterdam. In the way our group stopped in the great dike in order to see this wonderful engineriing work and then they continued to Amsterdam where they visited the Rijkmuseum and had a bit of time to know this city and do some shopping.  

Exchange: Worshops and goodbye

Today was the great day of the exchange, the Cultural Marathon and there were our students with their Dutch colleagues working together. The impression this year was a bit poorer than the former year and the taking part of our students was more limited than other years.

Teachers at night had the oportunity of saying goodbye to the person who has arranged the exchange during the last ten years: Hidzer de Vries. We started being part of the project with him and now it is his time of taking things easy: Bye Hidzer and thanks for having contacted us!


Exchange: Giethoorn

Today we did the last excursión of this year’s exchange to the village of Giethoorn. The place is gorgeous and we went into the boats to row but an storm made things difficult and we were soaked like rats and frozen. When it finished we continued the way but some of the groups were affected by the rain again. Finally we could visit the town on foot.

 Tomorrow we will have breakfast in the institute before starting our way home. We expect to arrive home in the early morning on Saturday.


Reunión Intercambio

Día: 25 Marzo, Miércoles

Hora: 18:00

Lugar: Salón Actos Edificio Txindoki


Presentación PPT

End of the exchange

Today we celebrated the last activities of the exchange in our area. In the morning all the participants met in Loinazpe in order to work in the workshops they will present in the Netherlands in April. Then they had brunch together and we say goodbye to them until our next meeting in Groningen in April.


Exchange in San Sebastian

Today all the participants in the exchange were in San Sebastian. Weather did not help so the visit of the city was a bit shorter than expected. Some students took advantage of the situation to go shopping, others visited the Aquarium and to finish with, Dutch students went to the Comb of the Winds where they could enjoy with the huge waves.


Dutch exchange students in Urbia

Today Dutch students taking part in the exchange were going to the mountains. After some worries about weather, it looked that finally it was going to be good. Unfortunately it was not  like that so the trip finished a bit before than expected.


Dutch students in Bilbao

Following the tradition of previous years, Dutch students staying with us went today to visit Bilbao. Their aim was to visit Guggeheim museum and know a bit the city.



Dutch students in the institute

The first activities of the exchange started today and Dutch students visited the institute. There, after the welcome of the headmaster, they had the opportunity of knowing and practising some Basque games. To complete the morning they went to visit Segura.


Dutch students are here


Dutch students are already among us. They arrived at mid they and there they found their respective families waiting for them. We hope that this week will be really enjoyable for all the participants in the exchange.

Comienzo del intercambio

Este domingo llegarán los profesores/as y alumnos/as holandeses/as de intercambio.




Goodbye to the exchange


After near a week that has passed very quickly, on Friday we had the last activities related to the exchange: it was the day for doing a bit of work to prepare the workshops students have to prepare in May, but we had also time for the group photo and to have a brunch all together. After that came the goodbyes, the tears and everything related to an end. See you in May!

Exchange: Visit to San Sebastian

The participants in the exchange, continuing with their visit plan, have visited San Sebastian. Weather was excellent so they went to Urgull from where they could enjoy the wonderful view. Then they had some free time for going shopping. In the afternoon some of them visited the Aquarium


Before going back to Beasain, they stopped in the Comb of the Winds, where they could take amusing photos thanks to the wind. Finally they took the way to Beasain where they were going to have a little party with their mates before the activities of the end of the exchange tomorrow.


Exchange: day in Urbia

Dutch students enjoyed a day in the mountains. In the morning they took the bus to go to Arantzazu from where they continued their way to Urbia on foot. This day tends to be quite special for them because mountains are something they are not very familiarised to. The day evolved with normality and there was only a little injury.


Exchange: Visit to Bilbao

Students taking part in the exchange had spent the day in Bilbao. In the early morning they came to the institute with their colleagues to take the bus later and go to Bilbao.

 There they could visit the renewed Ribera market and the Guggenheim museum.

 Tomorrow they will have a walk in the mountains; we hope they will enjoy good weather.


Exchange: first activities.

Dutch students came to the institute in the morning with their Basque friends. Once in the institute they met in little groups to talk about the experience of their first day and later the headmaster welcomed them.


During the morning they did several visits, among them that of the Cheese Museum in Idiazabal and later the village of Segura where they walked around the streets looking at the main buildings to conclude in the church.


At midday they returned to school to meet their friends and spend the rest of the day with them.




Our exchange has already started

This morning, at the settled hour, the Dutch students taking part in the exchange activity arrived to Beasain.

 People were nervous and a big group of people congregated in front of the train station. Thanks to new technologies the identification of friends has been pretty easy.

 Today they had spent the day with their families and tomorrow they will come to the institute for the official welcome before starting with their visits.


Intercambio: Información.

Aquí podéis ver el programa y la presentación de Power Point que vimos durante la reunión del día 9 de Octubre.


Los holandeses y holandesas lleragarán este domingo hacia el mediodía a la estación del tren de Beasain. Estamos repartiendo la lista de los teléfonos, por favor, aseguraos de que todos/as lleváis una copia a casa.