Our project

The tarjets of our Project are the following:

-Be greener, smarter and sustainable schools

-Reduce demand of energy

-Improve our members’ key skills such as proficiency in a foreign language, communication, adaptability or learning how to live and work with people of different nationalities and cultures.

-To broaden our students’ vision, make them be volunteer for future projects, improve their individuality and help them to find better Jjobs

-To have new connetions and to continue making international projects.

-To broaden the school policy by learning new teaching techniques specifically in language and citizenship.


The different subject to be developed during our visits are the following:


Innovate a solar energy device to reduce energy demand of the school


New job opportunities related to recycling and forest management


Air pollution and care and promotion of parks and nature


Bio-products, such as olive oil obtained using eco-friendly methods


Activities related to the first sector, mainly in relation to food and waste treatment.