Comenius: Poland, end of the proyect.

Our proyect is reaching to its end. The representatives of our school spent the last day in the city of Gdanks. After this they will only have their way back.

 As everything ends, we will have a wonderful photo album, a marvellous collection of memories and, above all, a fantastic group of friends.



Comenius: Poland, photography exhibition

Today in Poland there was the official opening of the photography exhibition. In addition to the photos presented for this meeting, it was posible to see all the photos in competition during the whole project. The place for the exhibition is very original: a church.

After that they had the official dinner.


Comenius: Poland

Today, our Group taking part in Comenius programme has continued with their visit. They took advantage of the good weather to walk in the countryside and they enjoyed a barbecue.


Comenius: Poland, excursion

Today the participants in Comenius did an excursion on foot to the dunes of Leba where they had lunch all together.  

Comenius: Polonia

The last visit of our Comenius project has already started. Our expedition arrived yesterday and today they took part in the first activities. In the morning there were the presentations of all the participants and, in the afternoon they had a workshop: peephole camera, this is, how to do a basic camera with a tomato tin.


Comenius: last activities

Unfortunatelly everything comes to an end and we found ourselves doing the last activities of our Comenius program.

The day has been of great intensity. Our visitors started visiting the institute to later go to Segura and Zerain where they could visit the village and the mines respectively.

In the afternoon the exhibition was opened and the winner photography was chosen, an excellent work realised by a German student. After that, all the participants met for the farewell party and to say goodbye to their friends. There is one meeting more, in Poland in April, but not all the people meeting today will be there. The experience has been unforgetable.


Comenius: San Sebastian


Comenius participants spent the day in San Sebastian.

The group was bigger than other days because today all our students came with their friends to spend the day together.

After arriving to the city, they visited the Cathedral, the Comb of the Winds, Old Part and a photography exhibition in Kursaal. After that they had free time to go shopping.

Comenius: Museums day

Our visitors devoted the day visiting some muesums in the company of some of our students.

They started in Zarauz, with the Photomuseum. Here, being the group big, they had to divide into two groups so while some visited the museum the others could see the town. In the afternoon they went to Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim Museum.


Comenius: Pasaia and Hondarribia

Today the participants in Comenius project did a series of visits. Firstly, they could see the situation of the building of the Albaola wale-hunting ship in Pasaia and, after a walk in this town, they continued their trip to Hondarribia where they could visit the old part of this village. Weather did not help too much but they enjoyed the visits.


Comenius: Presentations' day and some visits.

Today was the first working day for the participants in the Comenius programme. Our colleagues from Germany, Croatia, Finland, Poland and Turkey met with our students at Igartza Palace. All the groups made their presentations. Later they did the visit of the Igartza monumental site and finally, one of our groups presented HDR photography programme.

 After all this, the participants had the rest of the day free to spend it with their families and friends.

Comenius: our visitors are here


Our colleagues taking part in the project Capture the World in a Photo are already here. They arrived during the day and all together came to Beasain where students and families were waiting for them at the train station.

Students left with their families and teachers have the official dinner. Tomorrow the activities will begin in Igartza Palace.

Comenius: thinking about return

The last day of the participants in Comenius programme was devoted to the visit of a photography museum and to the exhibition of the Pictures submitted by the participant countries. Time flies and these few days are over, but they have been of great intensity.

 Next meeting will be in Beasain in February.



Comenius: Photography and visits

Continuing with the programe of these days, our team taking part in Comenius has visited the Istambul Photography Club. They also took advantage to visit some of the best known places of the city such as the Cistern, Hagia Sophia and the impressive mosques.


Comenius: Visiting Istambul

Even when the activities of our Comenius team are not th eones designed initially, they continue with their visit of Istambul. Today they had the opportunity of going to the Museum of Constantinopla’s Conquer and they visited Suleiman the Magnificient’s palace as well.



Comenius: Tourism in Istambul

Our Group taking part in Comenius continues with their activities in the Turkish capital. They could go on a ship in the Bosporus and the also visited some mosques. Surely they have taken a lot of photos.



Comenius: Photography competition

Today, our representatives in Comenius took part in the first activities in the meeting. One of them was the presentation of the photos submitted for competition. The winner work was that of one Croatian student. In addition to this, they could enjoy the visit of the city.


Comenius in Turkey

Continuing with our Comenius Project, our expedition is now in Turkey. Finally they met in Istambul because the political situation in the Syrian border made it not advisable to travel to Gaziantep, but the meetings are going to be held in a different localization. We hope they will enjoy their stay and the experience.


Comenius: last activities

Our team had today their last visits in Croatia. They left in the early morning to visit the Neanderthal Museum in Krapina. Then they went to Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, to do a tour divided in two small groups.

 Later they went back to Varazdin in order to spend their last night together in their families. Tomorrow morning they will have a farewell meeting at the institute before starting their return home.


Comenius: Exhibition opening

During the morning the activities have been centred in the preparation of the exhibition, that will open to the public in the afternoon in Town Museum Varazdin.


Other of the activities was the evaluation of the project and its outcomes.


At night students and teacher are having dinner together.


Photos and excursions


Today our representatives enjoyed a very complete day. In the morning they continued with their photography course, this time visiting the Trakoscan museum where they followed a course of landscape photography and they had the opportunity of knowing the history of photography in Croatia.

 In the afternoon they went on a trip to the mountain, to Ravna Gora. After a time in this place taking some photos, they returned to Varazdin.


Some news from Croatia


Today our representatives had to do a bit of work. To begin with, they went to the institute where they did a series of ice breaking activities to know each others. Then it came the presentation of the participant schools.

 In the afternoon they rode bicycles to go to Drava river and, at the same time, they took advantage of this to take landscape photos. It looks that they are enjoying the experience.

 Ah! We also know who won the competition this time: Poland. Now it will be their turn to settle the subject for the next visit.  



First activities in Varazdin


Despite being a Sunday, our expedition in Croatia had the first working session today: they met at the institute and then they went to visit the city, seeing the old quarter, the museum and the City of Angels. Later they had the official reception in the Town Hall.


Comenius expedition in Croatia

Our Comenius expedition is in Croatia. After an early beginning, they arrived at Varazdin in the early afternoon. They will spend the day with their colleagues and their families and on Monday they will begin with the photography workshops.




Comenius: ready to come back


Everything has been perfect and our students have been very well in the house of a nice family.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the moment to begin moving and they are supposed to get to Loiu at about 11 p.m.

 Today they could see the sun for the first time.


Comenius: Last days

This morning the participants met at schools and students presented the photos they have taken these days. Then teachers had a meeting to agree the dates of the remaining mobilities.


After that the major has declared opened the exhibition in the town hall and, to finish, they have had their farewell party. Some of the participants will return tomorrow and our expedition will begin moving on Wednesday.

If you want to see our previous informations  or the winner photo you can see them in Projects>Comenius>News.

Comenius in Finland: our winner Photo


Our team taking part in Comenius continues in Finish territories. Today they have done different activities, including ice fishing.

 The news today is that the photography competition was held and that the work of one of our students was the one obtaining the award. In concrete Axier Urteaga’s work, that you can see above. Congratulations Axier and courage for the rest of the participants because we still have other four competitions.


Under the snow


Today our Group has bee in Kuopio where after spending a bit of time in the city they have gone to a mountain in which there is a modern tower in which it was celebrated last year the sky jumping world championship. It has started snowing so unfortunately it was not possible to see too much from the tower.

More news from Finland

Our team taking part in Comenius did a bit of work this morning: today was the day for presentations, this is, each group, with the materials they brought from their countries, had to explain to the others some details about their respective regions.


After finishing with the work they have been in a frozen lake (it seems that is pretty fresh, isn´t it?) and then they have been skiing in the hotel’s tunnel.

From LeppƤvirta


After a trip of long hours, today was the moment signalled to begin with our photography seminar. The way to school was completely full of snow.

Once in the school students and teachers have had the opportunity of assisting to the first part of the photography seminar.  

Comenius in Finland

Our expedition is already in Finland. They will spend this week in Leppavirta to continue with our project “Capture the World in a Photo”. There they will meet their colleagues from Germany, Poland, Croatia, Turkey and Finland.


In the photo our group getting off the plane.


Comenius: last activities

Our representatives group in Regensburg are enjoying the last hours in this city. In the morning they visited an old brewery where they had lunch.

 In the afternoon the exhibition has opened its doors. The works are on exhibit in a café where not only participants but also general public may have the opportunity of seeing them.

 After this the project had been evaluated. There is only a remaining thing: to know which picture is considered the best and that the country to which it belongs will settle the subject for our next meeting in February.


Comenius: Photography main subject

Today has been a working day. Our students had taken part in a workshop during the morning. In the afternoon they have continued working, this time to prepare the exhibition that will open tomorrow.

 Finally, to complete the programme, they have celebrated a Bavarian evening.


Visit to Munich

Our students  and teacher have been in Munich today. In this city they had the opportunity of visiting the BMW museum and also the Bayern Munich Stadium where they could also visit the museum of this club.  


Presentation of participant schools in Comenius

Today our students standing in Germany taking part in the Comenius project had gone to the school where they met the rest of the participants. It has been a good opportunity of changing impressions with students of different countries. Later they have had the opportunity of visiting one of the Christmas market traditional in Germany.


Visiting Regensburg

Our students standing in Regensburg have already started their activities. On Sunday they went to visit the city’s Old Town, which is on the list of  World Heritage.


In the image we can see a group of students and teachers in front of Regensburg cathedral.


Comeius has already started

The first of our Comenius project’s trip has already started. Our representatives are in Germany, in Regensburg. In this first trip our expedition is formed by 5 students and two teachers. In Germany they will meet the participants from Finland, Croatia, Turkey and Poland. In Regensburg they will take part in the activities prepared by our German colleague and they will present in competitions the photos realised by all the students taking part in the project. We hope they will enjoy the experience!


InscripciĆ³n intercambio y Comenius


Podéis encontrar alguna información sobre el intercambio y Comenius aquí.


Recordad que mañana, Viernes 13, comenzaremos la recogida de nombres durante el recreo.

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